Thursday, 21 September 2017

MathsBuddy Tasks

    I am very happy that I've finished all my tasks from Mathsbuddy,and i am very sure that my               teacher Miss Siale is happy toooooooo....

Thursday, 14 September 2017

My Quick Write For HomeWork

“If I were a superhero...i would be…”
If i were a superhero i’ll definitely fly.arms outstretched racing birds in the sky.if i were a superhero i’d have special powers like extra strong legs for jumping over buildings.if i were a superhero i’ll save the oceans with my secret and magical cleaning up potions.if i were a superhero i’d save all the trees and mountains and the rivers,even the birds and bees.if i were a superhero i’ll help the poor,give them food and make them hungry no more.if i were a superhero i’m sure you’ll agree the world would be better because of me…….

Cross Country

Yesterday (13.09.17) We held our Cross Country 2017.
We had house colors we were put In and we also had to to a group chant.
Here Is the video of my group's chant (Maungerei-Red).


Last Friday, we had such a surprise our way. A few of our students were awarded with certificates to appreciate all their hard work during the week. We were also shocked about not receiving just the 'On the Time' award this week but also the 'Attendance Award'. So when we came back to class, Miss Siale wanted to capture the moment because she wanted us to remember every time we were praised. She always reminded that we deserve the absolute best, whether it is in our learning or in life. 

Miss Siale's Minions :)


Friday, 1 September 2017



On Tuesday 29th August Rooms 11, 12, and 7 went on a trip to Maritime Museum. We were put into groups and were able to look around the museum. When the day was almost over we went on a ferry ride around the harbour bridge. Here are a few photos we took!